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Since the day we first opened our doors, we have been committed to providing our customers with quality shower doors.  Your custom shower door begins with setting up an appointment for our professional estimators to measure your opening.  Once on the job, our estimator can show you a book containing some of the different options that will work for you, or you are welcome to come take a look at the doors in our showroom.  We offer a variety of shower door including: frameless doors, sliders, heavy glass doors and tub enclosures.  We carry doors from Southeastern Aluminum.  Door can be made of clear glass or many other patterns.  You can choose from a variety of finished metals including: brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, satin, chrome and more.  We even keep some standard size doors in stock for your convienence.  If we do not have your doors in stock, you can expect about a two week wait time.  Once we have your doors, we will set up an installation time that works best for your schedule.  Then, our expert installers will set the door up, checking for any potential leak or other problems.  Finally, you are left with a door that has very little maintenance and will last for years.  If you are interested in a bath enclosure, please contact us.  We would love to have the opportunity to work with you!

Mirrors are not just for the bathroom anymore.  They can give a sense of openness in many different areas of your home.  There are essentially 4 types of mirrors that we sell most commonly.  The first is plain 1/4” clear plate mirror.   This a durable and simple mirror that is most commonly used in bathrooms. We cut these to order. Next we have beveled mirrors.  These are characterized by a 1/4” to 1-1/2” bevel around the four sides of the mirror.  We keep several sizes in stock, but commonly order mirrors to custom dimensions. The lead time is approximately 2 weeks for these.  Another type of mirror that we offer are bevel strip mirrors.  These are 1/4” mirrors with strips of beveled mirror framing the outer edges. We custom cut each mirror to any size and you can expect to wait a couple of days for a completed mirror.  Finally, we also offer framed mirrors.  These have a variety of uses.  They are great in bathrooms, as well as over the mantle and many other areas in the house.  We offer a wide variety of frames that we cut and join by hand.  We keep several frames in stock, but we also order frames.  The lead times vary from a couple of days to two or three weeks.  All mirrors can be measured and installed by our professional team.
We are happy to offer custom picture framing to our customers.  The process begins with a piece of artwork.  Whether it is a coin, a piece of clothing, an oil painting, or a poster, our designers can set you up with a picture frame that you will love.  We have a large selection of frames and mat boards, and many are in stock.   Unlike some other frame shops our frames are fully customizable.  Our certified picture framers can chop, join, and assemble your frame on site.  Each frame is assembled with the utmost care; ensuring that your piece of artwork will look great and last a lifetime.  Forget waiting a month for your completed picture frame, our team can often design and assemble your frame in less than two weeks. If you have any interest in custom picture framing please contact us for more information.
Lawrenceburg Glass now introduces Great Lakes Windows into our line of products.  All Vista windows are Energy Star products and come with a transferrable lifetime warranty covering vinyl, glass and all working parts.

You have trusted us for two decades for all of your other glass needs, let us install your energy efficient windows with the same highly skilled employees and quality materials.