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Mirrors are not just for the bathroom anymore.  They can give a sense of openness in many different areas of your home.  There are essentially 4 types of mirrors that we sell most commonly.  The first is plain 1/4” clear plate mirror.   This a durable and simple mirror that is most commonly used in bathrooms. We cut these to order. Next we have beveled mirrors.  These are characterized by a 1/4” to 1” bevel around the four sides of the mirror.  We keep several sizes in stock, but commonly order mirrors to custom dimensions. The lead time is approximately 2 weeks for these.  Another type of mirror that we offer are bevel strip mirrors.  These are 1/4” mirrors with strips of beveled mirror framing the outer edges. We custom cut each mirror to any size and you can expect to wait a couple of days for a completed mirror.  Finally, we also offer framed mirrors.  These have a variety of uses.  They are great in bathrooms, as well as over the mantle and many other areas in the house.  We offer a wide variety of frames that we cut and join by hand.  We keep several frames in stock, but we also order frames.  The lead times vary from a couple of days to two or three weeks.  All mirrors can be measured and installed by our professional team.